Aguatera invests knowledge, time, and money in the sales, marketing, and internet media start-ups.

Wonderful fairy tales

ENAA.COM / GAMBIT TRADE d.o.o., Ljubljana, Slovenia

Best e-commerce platform in region. Gambit trade d.o.o. is one of the leading technology businesses in Slovenia.  We were the first to launch an online shop in Slovenia 15 years ago. Today, we are proud to have more than 500 000 happy customers. More than 600 sellers use our solution for selling online via More than 70 out of top 100 Slovenian companies are our clients.

FLEXKEEPING, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Flexkeeping is a hotel management software replacing paper, phone and mouth-to-mouth communication with one easy-to-use application.
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SYMVARO GmbH, Klagenfurt, Austria

We develop smart software solutions for water works, water boards, water suppliers and waste management firms. For the cities of tomorrow. Twenty-first century city dwellers want to be closer to their habitat. Discover our range of services – designed for efficiency and intensive use.

ABC ACCELERATOR d.o.o., Ljubljana, Slovenia

Our vision is to establish South-Eastern Europe as a region of innovation. ABC is the acceleration engine that pushes new businesses and startups to greater heights, by providing services such as mentorship, management training, an initial investment and office space. Mentors are the core of the acceleration process and we work to get the best ones in the business.

SENDBEE, Newark, Delaware

The shared inbox for WhatsApp. Enable every team member to view and respond to every message you received via WhatsApp.

HYPERION  STUDIO Ltd., London, United Kingdom

We are currently in the process of creating our first game, Journey Of Life which is available on Steam.
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ULU BV, Eindhoven, Netherlands

ULU boosts your car related businesses through the ecosystem of drivers, vehicles and car related businesses. ULU turns all cars built after 1996 into a connected car. With its working force: the dongle, collecting accurate car and driving data, the cloud, analyzing the data and mobile apps, providing you valuable insights of your car and driving. And its features are amazing, with the data it gathers it can give you everything from weather data to where is safe to park, and even your driving behaviour; a sort of your driving resume. Telematics as a service is enabler for smart, sustainable and safer mobility.

TROMBA, Agency for the Promotion of Science , Creativity and Innovation, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Give scientists more space in the media! They know the path to answers to the contemporary society’s numerous questions. Tromba helps the best individuals, teams, institutions and businesses spread the word about their work through traditional and digital media, on social media and through events.


III. Other stories

APP-RAY GmbH, Wien, Austria

The most advanced solution for your mobile app protection. We scan apps to find threats to your personal and corporate data. App-Ray’s fully automated process protect you by scanning apps to find security threats, data leaks, privacy breaches and circumvention of company’s security protocols.
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G+QUANT Ltd, London, United Kingdom

Connecting investors with startups looking for Series A round or STO.
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Online platform for networking and business intelligence service for music professionals with real time statistics in music.

PEEP.IM, Newark, Delaware 🙁

Crowdfunding for Content Creators on Social Media.

TRILLENIUM Ltd., London, UK 🙁

Leading builder of 3D VR shops. Social, fun & beautiful tech. Beautiful 3D shops for major online retailers.
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MEDIUM MEDIA d.o.o., Ljubljana, Slovenia 🙂

We publish FokusPokus, low budget and low subscription-based online magazine for readers interested in quality content and comments.